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Class 2 Private pilot medicals

This medical and licence will allow you do pretty much anything the professionals do except charge for it.  You will be able to fly larger complex aircraft, you can obtain an instrument rating and the licence is internationally recognized.  You can even be an instructor with this class of licence.

The medical is more involved than the LAPL.  An ECG is needed at the first examination after the age of 40 and then every 2 years.  Please note that I can do the colour vision testing.  If you wish to hold an instrument rating then you will need an audiogram which I will carry out when you see me – this is something that you might add to your licence once you have more experience.  It is valid for 5 years under the age of 40, for 2 years up to the age of 50 and then yearly thereafter.  The requirements are summarized here Medical Certificate Validity Table.

The cost of the medical will depend on what we need to do and will range from a minimum of £140 for a routine renewal without ECG through to £195 for an initial medical including ECG, audiogram. Should there be any emerging problems that require referral and further correspondence (case work) then this will be charged at £80 per hour.