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The D4 medical covers HGV driving and Coach driving amongst others.  The Taxi cab medical has similar requirements.  We will routinely check photographic ID so please bring at least one form of photographic ID with you.  We currently charge £80 for these medicals.

A visual check is an important part of the medical.  You can either have this done by us or by your local optician.  If your wear glasses for driving then we will need to test your vision with and without these, similarly if you wear contact lenses we will need to test your vision with and without these.  The medical also needs to record the strength of your glasses if you use these for driving so please bring your last opticians prescription.

If you have any significant medical conditions or have seen a specialist please bring copies of letters and reports as this may help speed up the processing of your application.

This crib sheet summarises what you need to prepare for your medical:

HGV and Taxi Driver licence examinations – advice to applicants on booking