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ENG1 certificates normally are valid for 2 years.  We will routinely check your ID so please bring at least one form of photographic ID.  I am legally obliged to take your old ENG1 certificate from you so please make sure you bring this with you.  I need to check your vision with and without visual aids (glasses and contact lenses) so if you wear contact lenses please be prepared to remove these and if you wear glasses you will need bring these with you.  The MCA agreed fee for these medicals is currently  £115.

You will be expected to produce a urine sample as part of your medical.

If you have any major medical problems ongoing or newly arising please bring medical reports to assist in making a fitness decision.  If you are receiving treatment for diabetes I will expect a report when you present for your medical,  this can simply be a printout of your most recent blood test results including HBA1c.

If you have a BMI of over 35 you can expect to do a formal fitness test – the Chester Step Test, you are unlikely to pass this if you have not actively maintained your physical fitness.  The MCA regulations on obesity and fitness are demanding and unfortunately we have to fail obese individuals from time to time who cannot meet these requirements.

The following document will give you all the information needed to prepare for your medical.

Crib sheet