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Aircrew and ATCO medicals

If you are a professional you will have had or will have your initial medical with one of the Aviation Medical Centres approved to issue initial EASA class one licences.

I can renew this medical for you.  For most commercial pilots this will need to be renewed on a yearly basis then every six months after the age of 60.  An ECG will be needed every 5 years under the age of 30, then 2 yearly to the age of 40, yearly to the age of 60 and 6 monthly thereafter.  An audiogram will be required every 5 years under the age of  40 and then every 2 years.

Comprehensive ophthalmology will be done at the initial examination but is only required again if you need a significant visual correction (+3D to +5D or -3D to -6D 5 yearly, > -6D 2 yearly and anisometropia and astigmatism >3D 2 yearly).  If you only need a reading correction because of presbyopia then regular comprehensive ophthalmology is not required.  However, I do recommend regular checks with your local optician as you get older to screen for glaucoma – if you have this it could cost you your licence.  If you do need comprehensive ophthalmology then please take this form to your local optician Ophthalmology Form MED162.  Please note there is no need for the optician to repeat the colour vision testing.

Every examination will require a finger prick Haemoglobin test and when you turn 40 we will need to do a cardiovascular risk assessment including serum lipid levels (cholesterol).

The requirements are summarised here Medical Certificate Validity Table