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Aviation, Cabin Crew, ENG1, OGUK, RUK, HGV Medical Examinations

Before booking your CAA medical please make sure that you have created a CAA portal account and then used it to apply for your medical – no certificate can be issued until you have completed this process.  You will also need to book your appointment separately with us using one of the options provided.

I will provide the application forms for EASA, Cabin Crew, ENG1, OGUK and RUK medicals.

HGV and Taxi drivers should bring their own forms as supplied by the DVLA or Local Authority.

I do not need to know about every cough or cold you have had but as a general guide would be interested in any illness requiring admission to hospital, consultation with a specialist or the prescription of medication for an extended period.  I recommend you inform me before your medical of any significant illness, regular medication or change in medical status – this could help avoid charges for additional casework.

The cost of the components of your medical are as follows, the total will depend on the type of medical you need:

Aviation Medicals:

  • Basic medical £140 class 2, £145 class 1
  • ECG £40
  • Audiogram £15
  • Haemoglobin (finger prick test) £10

HGV, Taxi and Cabin Crew Medicals:

  • Medical £80

ENG1 Medicals (price set by MCA)

  •         Medical £115


OGUK, RUK Medicals:

  • Medical £130
  • Chester Step Test £50
  •         Fit to Train/PSTASS certificate £50
  • Drugs and alcohol testing – please contact for details


The CAA has now delegated the management of case work for all medicals other than professional licences to the us the Aircrew Medical Examiner (AME).  This can be time consuming and will be charged at £80 per hour

Pilots  – please use the links below to explore and decide on the medical best suited to you.

Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence (LAPL)

Private pilot medicals

Professional aircrew and ATCO medicals