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Q: What happens during a medical examination?

A: All medicals will require a simple test of vision, both close and distant, height, weight and blood pressure.  The physical part of the examination will include listening to your heart and lungs and checking your abdomen.  The doctor might look in your ears and at the back of the eye.  Depending on the class of the medical and the age of the pilot an ECG and Haemoglobin test (finger prick) could be done.  All examinations will require a urine specimen.  Intimate examinations are NOT part of a routine aircrew medical and would only be needed in rare exceptional circumstances.

Q: Will a chaperone be present?

A:  Generally a chaperone will not be needed but if you are female and an ECG is required and you are uncomfortable with a male doctor doing this please let me know  – you can either bring a friend to act as chaperone or I will make arrangements for the ECG to be performed by a female member of my staff.

Q: How long does it take?

A:  This depends on the type of medical, a simple class 2 or LAPL renewal could be as short as 30 minutes, a class 1 renewal or class 2 initial could take up to and sometimes a little over an hour.

Q: Is the certificate issued on the day?

A:  Yes, unless a new medical problem is discovered that requires further investigation or treatment your medical certificate will be printed and given to you on completion of the medical

Q:  Help, I can’t find a suitable appointment using the online booking system

A:  I usually do medicals in the evenings and Tuesday afternoons.  However, I fit the appointments in with several other commitments.  I am also aware that some of my clients are crossing the channel to see me and prefer appointments at other times.  Please feel free to e-mail me at or call me on 07733001341 (or even send a text) with your availability – I am flexible and will almost always be able to find a mutually convenient time to see you.

Q:  A previous AME managed a past medical problem – are his records available to you?

A:  Your previous AME should have entered these data on the CAA online system.  However, if you are concerned it is best if you let me know in advance of the medical what the problem was and also bring whatever documentation that you have to the medical.

Q:  Will the examination cover an HGV or other medial?

A:  Yes, for a small additional fee I will be able to complete some of these for you but please let me know in advance as I am not able to issue some types of medical.

Q:  I have high blood pressure – will this be a problem?

A:  Many pilots have high blood pressure and continue to hold a licence. As long as it is well controlled and you use acceptable medication there will be no problem.  I will require a report from your GP – getting this in advance will help process your medical.  It would be useful to have the results of blood tests such as cholesterol levels so that an assessment of your cardiovascular risk can be made.  The CAA requirements for managing blood pressure are set out in this document.

CAA Hypertension Algorithm

Q:  I have diabetes – will this be a problem?

A:  Diabetes until recently would have disqualified you from holding a pilot’s licence.  There have been some changes recently that now allow you to hold a licence. If your diabetes is simple and controlled with diet then there will be no problem.  Similarly if you take metformin this is also acceptable.  If you need other medication or insulin then it may be possible to issue a licence as long as you agree to a strict monitoring programme before and during flight.  The following documentation has more details.


Q:  Can I park at the surgery?

A:  Yes of course, when you turn into Pencester Road we are the first building on the right.  There is a public car park on the right before the surgery, however, immediately after this and immediately before the surgery is the entrance to our own car park.  Please feel free to use this.  If you miss the turning into our carpark you will need to go round the Dover one way system to get back to the entrance to our car park.

Q:  Can I get to you using public transport?

A:  Yes, we are a five minute walk from the Dover Priory rail station – you can use either the fast link or local rail services.  We are opposite the stagecoach central Dover office and bus stop – there are numerous routes that terminate outside our front door from most areas in East Kent.  We are also a 15 minute walk from the docks if you are using the cross channel ferry to come to Dover.